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Note: Refrain from typing possessives. Instead of "a dragon's hunger" type "the hunger of a dragon" or else it will translate as "a dragon is|has hunger."

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I've received a lot of e-mails about how to get the translator offline, and unfortunately I wouldn't know how to make it into an executable program, so the best I can do is just offer the full Common to Draconic and Draconic to Common vocabulary list.

How to Submit New Draconic Words

Please read this entire How-To section if you wish to submit new translations.

Before you send in a new translation: Now that you've read the above, send your translation(s) and your name (real or pen name; this will show up in the contributor's list) in an email to

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If you find any glitches with the translator, please report them to or I won't know to have it fixed.


Welcome to the first known Draconic translator on the internet. This translator is meant to be the universal tongue of the dragons rather than any specific classification of dragon language, such as a red or brass dragon's tongue.

The project started out password-protected for the first year of its development, before being open to the public. Though it now has an expansive vocabulary, it is still a work in progress.

Some of the words come from various sources, and words not found have been substituted by myself, by friends, or volunteers. Please note that this is not an exact science. For example:
"[Dungeons & Dragons] Draconic has no word for 'my' or 'mine', but uses a series of prefixes, depending on the exact meaning. An object that is claimed a dragon speaker would begin with 'veth' or 'vethi', a being with a relationship to the speaker, such as friend or relative, begins with 'er' or 'erthe', and all other forms of the possesive begin with 'ar' or 'ari'. For example, for a dragon to say 'my sword', or 'the sword is mine', he only needs to say 'vethicaex'. Or, to say 'my enemy', he would say 'arirlim'. To indicate possession by another, the name of the possessor is combined with the object into a single word and prefaced with 'ar' or 'ari'. For example, to say 'my enemy's sword' he would say 'arirlimcaex'" (Stephens, 38).
Because it is difficult for a script to determine what type of 'my' would be used, another word for 'my' has been implemented in the vocabulary database.

In various gaming systems, each dragon has their own language, shares a universal language, or both. This generator is for the role-players who are tired of writing <draconic> in front of their english sentences (only to have non-dragons understand anyway), and for the game masters who are tired of making up a fictional language for a gaming session or two; providing a language privacy and ease in which to access it.

If your character isn't a dragon or a creature that would speak Draconic like kobolds, then most likely they wouldn't know Draconic at all. Realistically this is not an easy language to learn, it is quite difficult. Sadly, once a translator is made (and I'm sure the makers of the drow translator can agree), suddenly everyone and their mother knows the language, effectively no longer making the language private between dragonkin. Don't abuse this generator by assuming your character can just 'pick up' the language, because even if they are quite clever, it is unrealistic endeavor and people will see it for what it is.

I want to thank those that sent me kind e-mails of gratitude, translation submissions, or bug reports. Without you, this project wouldn't have gotten so far.

Publishing Notes

I would not advise that the content of this translator be published in any way for money. Aside from several of the translations coming from individual contributors, words from Dungeons & Dragons have also been imported, and are no doubt copyrighted as Wizards of the Coast content.


Code Credits
Aikar ()

Word Credits
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